Septic System Repair

When a septic system breaks, it's messy and inconvenient. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit around and wait until someone can make it around to them. Wastewater Solutions has its own fully-equipped service truck and the manpower needed to staff it. This allows us to get out to your property and repair your septic system as quickly as possible. 

Common Questions

My septic system isn’t working, is it a broken pipe?

When a septic system stops functioning properly, the most common assumption is that there is a broken pipe. While this is a possibility, it is much more likely that something else is going on. There are many different reasons for a septic system not to work. We won’t know for sure until get on site and take a look.

Why is my septic system not pumping anymore?

There are many different reasons for why your septic system is not pumping anymore. Some of these reasons include the field being full, a line being plugged or frozen, or it might be a broken pipe. The age of your septic system may also play a role in how well it functions. The average septic system lasts around 20 to 25 years. Once it approaches this age, it may be time to replace the system.

Did you know:

A sewage field should be kept in grass and mowed. What should you not put on top of your field? Livestock, structure, roadways, gardens, trees, or gravel; anything other than grass should not go on top of a sewage field!