Cisterns are large tanks that are used to hold freshwater for a household. The tanks are buried underground to help regulate water temperature so that it stays cool in the summer and does not freeze during the winter. Water is brought in by truck on a regular basis. Much like in the case of a sewage system, the size of a cistern is heavily dependant on the size of the household.

Wastewater Solutions installs freshwater cisterns in assorted sizes. We offer a wide range of different pump and pressure systems to best suit your specific needs.

Common Questions

When would you use a cistern instead of a well?

There are several reasons why people opt to use a cistern. Some rural subdivisions are cistern-only and do not allow residents to dig wells. Cisterns are also used if there is no viable well water, or not enough viable well water for the property’s needs. Finally, some people simply prefer to use cisterns due to the quality of water.